PF2 Inspired Collection

    Introducing the Zen Boxers Pink Friday 2 Collection, inspired by the bold and vibrant energy of Nicki Minaj's latest album. Immerse yourself in comfort with exclusive designs that mirror the album's fearless style. Embrace the essence of Pink Friday 2, where fashion meets confidence, available starting December 8th, 2023. Elevate your underwear game and channel the spirit of Nicki's iconic energy with this limited edition Zen Boxers collection.

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    Zen Boxers - No Affiliation with Nicki Minaj or 'Pink Friday 2'

    Dear Valued Customers,

    Zen Boxers wishes to make it clear that our products, as shown and sold on our platform, are entirely independent and have no affiliation with Nicki Minaj or her new album 'Pink Friday 2.' While we may draw inspiration from diverse sources for our designs, including popular culture and trends, our items are not officially endorsed, authorized, or associated with Nicki Minaj or her official merchandise.

    Any references to Nicki Minaj or 'Pink Friday 2' are used for illustrative purposes only, and we want to emphasize that our products are created and offered by Zen Boxers as an independent entity.

    We are dedicated to providing our customers with unique and high-quality products, and we value the trust you place in us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the origin, authenticity, or affiliations of our products, please feel free to contact our customer support team for clarification.

    Thank you for choosing Zen Boxers, and we appreciate your understanding.


    Zen Boxers